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ACLU of Colorado
400 Corona Street
Denver, CO 80218
Phone: (303) 777-5482
Fax: (303) 777-1773

  • Provides limited legal aid in habeas corpus and prison condition matters; provides direct referrals
  • Do not call for legal aid; address request to "Intake Department"

CHARG Resource Center
709 East 12th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203-2610
Phone (303) 830-8805        
Fax: (303) 830-8918

  • Provides free or low-cost services and resources for anyone, including ex-offenders, with serious mental health issues, including drop-in center with computers, life-skills training, support groups, and health care center
  • The mission of CHARG Resource Center is to advance a model of genuine partnership among individuals who live with mental illness, mental health professionals, and the larger community through respectful comprehensive services. We strive to achieve this mission through an innovative partnership model that equally involves the chronically mentally ill, staff members, and community members as equal legal partners, decision-makers, and employees
  • PATH Homeless Outreach Project: This project is a cooperative interagency program which involves CHARG in partnership with the Colorado Coalition for the homeless, and with active involvement of several other homeless-serving agencies. It is an outreach program which addresses the needs of homeless persons who are mentally ill. The project employs one professional case manager/project coordinator who makes outreach visits to homeless shelters and homeless-serving agencies, and seeks out those homeless mentally ill persons who are in places unfit for habitation. Clients are assisted in accessing housing, income support and mental health treatment and services. The coordinator also supervises the project's consumer case management staff.

Colorado CURE
P.O. Box 441656
Aurora, CO 80044
With offices throughout the state
Phone/Fax: (303) 333-7023

  • Provides resources; facilitates monthly support group on sex offender issues

Colorado Legal Services
1905 Sherman Road, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80203
With offices throughout the state
Phone: (303) 837-1321

  • Provides multilingual free or low-cost legal aid in civil matters; hosts clinics throughout the state

Denver Urban Ministries
1717 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80218
Phone: (303) 355-4896        
Fax: (303) 355-3495

  • Provides post-release employment and emergency stabilization services, gives referrals

Empowerment Program
1600 York Street
Denver, CO  80206
Phone: (303) 320-1989
Fax: (303) 320-3987

  • Provides case management, support services, basic skills education, housing information, and resources for women in disadvantaged positions due to incarceration

FOCUS (Families and Friends of Convicts United for Support)
P.O. Box 2194
Canon City, CO 81215-2194
Phone: (719) 275-9570

Rights for All People
3131 West 14th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (303) 893-3500
Fax: (303) 893-3505

  • Offers immigrant community bilingual education programs and referrals
  • US Department of Justice

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