Greece hosts large numbers of asylum seekers but often fails to protect their rights or respect the right to asylum, including by pushing new arrivals back to Turkey. Ukrainians are an exception. Migrant children face homelessness and lack adequate healthcare and education. Impunity for police ill-treatment is common. Victims of hate crimes are reluctant to report attacks to the police. A wave of killings of women by their current or former husbands or partners highlighted the multiple barriers women face seeking protection from domestic violence.  Curbs on civil society groups assisting migrants and interference with independent media raise concerns about the rule of law.


Our people

Human Rights Watch #FreeTheKids Greece Migrant Immigration Detention Campaign

Hundreds of migrant children in Greece without a parent or relative are sitting behind bars in immigration detention and at heightened risk for contracting COVID-19.  Childhood happens only once in a lifetime – we need your help to make sure they get theirs!