The acute economic crisis is felt by the most vulnerable in society. Greece remains on the frontline of Europe’s asylum and migration challenges. Border restrictions in the Western Balkans, policies linked to a 2016 EU migration deal with Turkey, continued arrivals and limited relocations to other EU states have left as many as 60,000 asylum seekers and other migrants stranded in Greece. Thousands, including vulnerable asylum seekers, are confined to the islands in abysmal conditions. Unaccompanied children are often held in police custody or detention whilst hundreds are either homeless, or unaccounted for by the authorities. Access to asylum remains difficult and subject to considerable delay.

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End The Asylum Crisis on Greek Islands

End The Asylum Crisis on Greek Islands

UPDATE: Since the start of the campaign, more than 7,000 asylum seekers have been transferred to mainland Greece.

More than 13,000 asylum seekers are trapped on Greece’s islands in deplorable conditions. European Union-sponsored processing centres housing them are filthy and overcrowded - many people, including women and children, are forced to sleep in summer tents or on the ground.

This is happening because Greece, with the support of other EU countries, has put in place a containment policy to prevent asylum seekers from leaving the islands to the mainland. But the Greek government can change this. No one should sleep in these arduous conditions. It is high time they ended this inhumane containment and #OpenTheIslands.