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Eva Cossé

Senior Researcher for Europe
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Eva Cossé, Europe senior researcher, works on a wide range of human rights issues with a particular focus on discrimination, migration, asylum and minority rights, particularly in Greece and France.

Her recent work has included research and advocacy on the refugee and migration crisis in Greece; the failure of Frontex’s oversight mechanisms to safeguard people against serious human rights violations at the EU’s external borders; ethnic profiling in Greece and France; xenophobic violence in Greece; summary returns of asylum seekers and migrant children from Italy to Greece; and the unlawful detention of migrants and asylum seekers in Malta. Eva also works on issues related to the rule of law, particularly on media freedom and the narrowing space for civil society in Greece and France.

Cossé has previous work experience from the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe. She holds a Law degree from the Université Paris 13, a master’s degree in European Law from the Université Paris 12, and a master’s degree in International Law from Université Paris 10. She is fluent in Greek, French, and English.

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