Japan is a liberal democracy with a record of upholding civil and political rights, but its laws and systems to protect rights are weak. Japan has no laws prohibiting racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination, or discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Japan has a law prohibiting sexual discrimination in the workplace only. Civil society groups have long called for a national human rights institution. Serious human rights issues include an asylum and refugee determination system that rarely grants refugee status, a “hostage” justice system that detains criminal suspects for long periods to coerce confessions, use of the death penalty, and a huge psychiatric industry that uses arbitrary detention and use of physical restraints. The Japanese government continues to actively support the expansion of fossil fuels both domestically and abroad, contributing to the global climate crisis.

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We call on Japan’s government to introduce and enact legislation to protect LGBT people from discrimination before the Olympics. It’s time for an Equality Act – and the countdown starts now. 

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No Japanese athlete should face abuse. Support our athletes and sign our petition.