Athletes Against Abuse

The abuse that so many athletes face in Japan must end. Together, we can build a movement to change the game for good and stop abuse in sports. Show your support for #AthletesAgainstAbuse by signing the petition below.

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For too long, young athletes have faced a harsh reality - that in order to win, they must endure abuse and mistreatment. With the Olympics approaching, all eyes are on Tokyo and the world’s attention will be focused on our athletes. That’s why now is the moment to raise our voices, to call for an end to athlete abuse, and to return joy to sport. Show solidarity and join the conversation by using #AthletesAgainstAbuse.

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With your signature, you’ll help create a zero tolerance policy of abuse in sports. Tell Seiko Hashimoto, Minister for the Tokyo Olympics, and Koji Murofushi, Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency, to make a commitment now to establish a safe sport center in Japan. With the world watching, it’s time to build a safer future for athletes to come. Together, we can change the game. Join the #AthletesAgainstAbuse movement.

Hear from #AthletesAgainstAbuse

If you or someone you know has been affected by athlete abuse and are seeking resources or support, please visit World Players Care.

To learn more, read Human Rights Watch’s July 2020 Report on the abuse of child athletes in Japan, “I was Hit So Many Times I Can’t Count.”

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