Prime Minister Hun Sen has ruled Cambodia for over three decades through violence, politically motivated prosecutions, and widespread corruption. The ruling party-controlled courts are used as a tool against the political opposition and critics. Fear of losing national elections in July 2018 prompted a major crackdown. The primary opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party was dissolved by the courts, with one leader, Sam Rainsy, forced into exile and another, Kem Sokha, jailed. The government restricts independent media and civil society groups through forced closures, threats, intimidation, and arbitrary detention. The government regularly suppresses protests and bans public gatherings.

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Clothing Brands Should GO Transparent

Clothing Brands Should GO Transparent

There’s a growing trend of global apparel companies adopting supply chain transparency. It starts with these companies publishing the names, addresses, and other important information about the factories manufacturing their branded products. This is a powerful tool for promoting garment workers’ rights. Workers and labor advocates can alert brands faster and seek remedies about abuses if they know the names of the companies they are producing products for.

Call on these leading brands - Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Walmart, Primark and Armani - to STAND UP to support garment workers’ rights by signing the transparency pledge!