July 21, 2022

Surveillance, Smear Campaigns, Intimidation, Prison After Unfair Trial

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    In the fourth of Ken Roth’s Exit Interviews, HRW is joined by ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero to discuss the current state of human rights in the US, and how the rights landscape has changed in the last 30 years.

    Protesters at a rally in Minneapolis call for justice for George Floyd
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    In the second of Ken Roth’s Exit Interviews, we have a conversation on human rights in China and Hong Kong. Are the human rights abuses in China unique? What direction is the world —and China — going? With HRW senior China researcher Maya Wang and activist and lawmaker Nathan Law.

    The slogan in Chinese on the flag, “Liberate Hong Kong, the Revolution of Our Times,” was a common chant during the 2019 protests. But since the imposition of the National Security Law, Hong Kong authorities have prohibited both the chant and pro-democracy protests have been prohibited in Hong Kong. The group that has long organized peaceful marches, Civil Human Rights Front, is also no longer functioning and its convenor has been in custody since.
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    (New York, July 28, 2022) – Moroccan authorities are using indirect and underhanded tactics to silence critical activists and journalists, Human Rights Watch said in a report published today.

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    To mark International Criminal Justice Day, HRW is joined by partners from Liberia, Syria, Palestine, and Nigeria to discuss accountability for serious crimes and how governments can strengthen the international justice system.

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    After months of protests over the worst economic crisis since 1948, Sr iLanka's President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has resigned. Join HRW’s South Asia director Meenakshi Ganguly as she leads a discussion on the state of the crisis.

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