Technology and Rights

The internet and other technologies are critical tools to defend rights and hold powerful actors to account. But technology can also be used in ways that curtail rights and deepen inequality. We defend human rights in the digital age. We document how governments and companies restrict online speech and access to information. We investigate how digital surveillance tools, from hacking to facial recognition, are used to target activists, racial and ethnic minorities and workers. We expose the impact of AI and other data-driven technologies on the rights of workers and people living with poverty. We advocate for laws and policies that promote privacy, digital inclusion, and respect for human rights by social media platforms.

  • Middle East/North Africa
    Google apps are displayed on a smartphone.
  • Europe/Central Asia
    Hungary: Data Misused for Political Campaigns
  • Americas
    We write in advance of the 94th pre-session of the Committee on Rights of the Child and its adoption of a list of issues prior to reporting regarding Argentina’s compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This submission covers articles 16 and 17 of the Convention and is based on the findings of a global investigation conducted by Human Rights Watch of 163 education technology (EdTech) products endorsed for children’s learning during the Covid-19 pandemic by 49 countries, including Argentina. The investigation found that the Argentine government violated children’s rights through its authorized EdTech products.


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