Under the leadership of President Hugo Chávez and President Nicolás Maduro, the accumulation of power in the executive branch and erosion of human rights guarantees have enabled the government to intimidate, censor, and punish its critics. Severe shortages of medicines, medical supplies, and food have intensified since 2014, and weak government responses have undermined Venezuelans’ rights to health and food. Security forces have arbitrarily detained and tortured protesters, and raids in low-income communities have led to widespread allegations of abuse. Other persistent concerns include poor prison conditions and impunity for human rights abuses.

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Solidarity with the Venezuelan People

Solidarity with the Venezuelan People

Venezuela is facing a heartbreaking human rights and humanitarian crisis that President Maduro's administration denies is happening. His government is brutally cracking down on dissent while severe food and medicine shortages make it near impossible for many Venezuelans to feed their children and access the most basic healthcare. Infant mortality rates are soaring. According to the New York Times, hundreds of children have died from severe malnutrition. Some Latin American leaders are speaking up, while others are ambiguous or worse, silent. It is time to join together and tell Maduro that enough is enough!

April 19 marks the one-year anniversary of the first mass protest that was brutally repressed in 2017. Please show your support for the Venezuelan people.