Human Rights Education

Resources for educators and students about how to defend dignity and equality at home and abroad

The Basics: What are human rights?
What are human rights?
Who has to uphold human rights?
Are some rights more important than others?
Do human rights reduce poverty?
How do you know if something is a human rights violation?
How do human rights evolve?
Children’s rights around the world
Children Know Their Rights
Child marriage
Child Labor
Child Marriage

Easy-to-Read Reports

The Expert: Hone your activism skills


Take our online seminar for human rights advocacy. This series of 7 short videos, hosted by Human Rights Watch’s children’s rights advocate Jo Becker, will give you an insider’s look at how you can work to bring meaningful change to people’s lives. The videos were made in conjunction with Columbia University. Also, check out Becker’s book, Campaigning for Children.

Our Foundation: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Learn More: How children’s rights are impacted worldwide