More than 260 million children are out of school worldwide. Discrimination of marginalized groups by teachers and other students, long distances to school, formal and informal school fees, and the absence of inclusive education are among the main causes. Millions stop going to school to work long hours, often under hazardous conditions. Others experience violence or abuse from teachers or fellow students, or find their schools targets of armed attack. Families do not send girls to school, force them out of school to marry or girls are denied an education when they become pregnant. Many are kept from getting a secondary education because they cannot afford school fees. Even when in school, millions of children receive a poor quality education that leaves them lacking essential skills and knowledge.

  • Africa
    This submission focuses primarily on the following topics: the use and recruitment of child soldiers, the abduction and detention of children, sexual and other forms of gender-based violence perpetrated against children, and the protection of students, teachers, and schools during time of armed conflict. It proposes issues and questions that we would encourage Committee members to raise with the government.
  • Europe/Central Asia
    We write in advance of the 88th pre-session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child relating to Germany’s compliance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This submission focuses on supply chains, access to education during Covid-19 pandemic, weapons sales to the Saudi-led coalition, support for abusive migration policies, refugee education funding and protection of education from attack.
  • Europe/Central Asia
    This submission focuses on access to education during the Covid-19 pandemic, protection of education from attack, child poverty, unaccompanied migrant and asylum-seeking children, weapons sales to the Saudi-led coalition, protecting intersex children from medically unnecessary surgeries, and refugee education funding.