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The vote to leave the European Union created uncertainty about the future status of protections arising from EU law and the rights of EU residents. A spike in hate crimes after the referendum followed a campaign tinged with xenophobia. The European Court of Human Rights and domestic Human Rights Act face ongoing political and media attack. The attack in Westminster, which left five dead, revived problematic calls to bypass encryption. Existing overbroad state surveillance powers without adequate safeguards were expanded. The UK continued to resettle some Syrian refugees, but ended a scheme to help unaccompanied children without family ties.

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Call on the UK to Protect Schools

Call on the UK to Protect Schools

ALL children should have the right to a safe education. However, around the world, schools are attacked or being occupied by military forces and armed groups in conflict zones. This endangers the lives of students and teachers and hundreds of thousands of children are denied their right to education.

By endorsing the Safe Schools Declaration, UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson can support a global effort to better protect schools during times of war. The UK armed forces already have some of the world’s strongest policies protecting schools from attack and military use and can lead by example. It's time Britain joined 71 other countries and endorsed the Safe Schools Declaration.

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