Voices for Justice

Human Rights Watch Annual Dinners
Honoring those who speak out where there is silence


For over 40 years, Human Rights Watch has been at the forefront of the international human rights movement, investigating human rights abuses and exposing the truth in order to bring about deep-rooted change. At many of our dinners, we have honored courageous individuals including recipients of the Alison Des Forges Award for Extraordinary Activism. Please join us as we celebrate some of the most important human rights achievements of the past year.

2020 Annual Dinners

Learn more about the 2020 Annual Dinners and buy tickets online:
Antwerp – May 12, 2020
London – May 13, 2020
Amsterdam – May 25, 2020
Toronto – June 8, 2020
Santa Barbara – October 18, 2020
Copenhagen – November 4, 2020
Geneva – November 12, 2020
Paris – November 16, 2020
Silicon Valley – November 19, 2020
Stockholm – TBC
Zurich – TBC
Berlin – TBC
Tokyo – TBC
Seoul – TBC 
Sao Paulo – TBC
Los Angeles – TBC
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