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 Human Rights Watch Scandinavia Insamlingsstiftelsen  (org. no. 802478-1885)



How we work

Investigate. Human Rights Watch is committed to systematically researching and analysing human rights conditions worldwide in order to uncover abuses. Researchers interview leaders, victims and witnesses so that they can form an accurate picture of what happened. They also review media and academic reports, domestic and international law and policy papers to gain a further understanding of the situation.

Expose. Human Rights Watch researchers publish their findings in the form of reports and articles. These are then made accessible to the public as well as local authorities in order to raise awareness of the abuses. The publications are available in multiple languages and formats and are often referenced in news articles worldwide.

Change. Following the identification and publication of human rights abuses, Human Rights Watch’s advocacy division work closely with local authorities and organisations in order to demand accountability and put an end to the abuses that they have discovered. The ultimate goal of Human Rights Watch is to ensure that human rights are upheld worldwide and to promote justice and change. 


Human Rights Watch Sweden Board of Directors


Bruno Stagno
Bruno Stagno Ugarte is the Deputy Executive Director for Advocacy since September 2014.  Read his full bio here.

Mats Björkman
Mats Björkman is a partner and an attorney at Setterwalls with experience in corporate finance and M&A.

Laura Boardman
Laura Boardman is a managing director for the development and outreach department at Human Rights Watch. She oversees the department’s activities in European and Middle East and North African cities.

Barbara Pirto
Barbara Pirto is the head of finance and administrative responsibilities in the organization and is a part of the Senior Management at Human Rights Watch.


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Rubble from a residential house in Saada City, Yemen. An airstrike almost completely destroyed the house on May 6, 2015, killing 27 members of one family. © 2015 Ole Solvang/Human Rights Watch

© 2015 Ole Solvang/Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is an independent, nongovernmental organisation, supported by contributions from private individuals and foundations worldwide. To ensure our independence, we do not accept government funds, directly or indirectly. Donations made in Sweden benefit our work worldwide.



Swedish Fundraising Control

(SWE: Svensk Insamlingskontroll)
Human Rights Watch Sweden (legally registered under “Human Rights Watch Scandinavia Insamlingsstiftelsen”) is a 90-account holder, approved and monitored by the Swedish Fundraising Control.

Only non-profit organisations approved as 90-accounts holders and monitored by the Swedish Fundraising Control are able to receive the seven-digit bank account number beginning with number 90 at PlusGirot and Bankgirot. You can contribute to Human Rights Watch Sweden by making a donation directly to our 90-account 90 04 54-0, or via Swish 9004540.

Donations made in Sweden benefit our work worldwide.


NGO Fundraising, Swedish Fundraising Council

(SWE: Frivilligorganisationernas Insamlingsråd, “FRII”)
Human Rights Watch Sweden is a member of the NGO Fundraising, Swedish Fundraising Council (SWE: “FRII”). FRII works to ensure that fundraising in Sweden is conducted in a transparent, ethical and professional manner.

As a member of FRII, Human Rights Watch Sweden is obliged to report annually to FRII and abide by the standards set out in FRII’s member document “the Quality Code” (SWE: “Kvalitetskoden”). The purpose of the Quality Code is to highlight and clarify how FRII’s members work in order to ensure internal checks and balances, as well as high quality in the governance of the organisation.