Crisis and Conflict

Some of the most acute and pervasive human rights abuses take place in times of crisis and conflict. The Crisis, Conflict and Arms division documents and exposes violations of human rights and the laws of war during armed conflicts and severe social or political unrest. The team deploys quickly to conduct on-the-ground investigations, paired with remote research and innovative digital investigations. We cut through the increasingly dense fog of misinformation and disinformation to establish the facts of what happened and who should be held accountable. We bring our findings to decision-makers at the highest levels and work with partners to advocate for civilian protection, access to humanitarian aid and other basic necessities, as well as justice, accountability, and reparations for victims. We draw attention to underreported crises, mobilize atrocity prevention mechanisms when mass violence appears imminent, and highlight recommendations aimed at addressing root causes to help halt cycles of violence and abuse. We work to advance humanitarian disarmament and enhance protections for civilians from various weapons that inflict unacceptable harm, including by strengthening international treaties and legal norms.  


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