Refugees and Migrants

All too often, the thousands of unaccompanied children arriving in foreign lands without parents or caregivers find themselves trapped in their status as migrants, with officials giving little consideration to their vulnerabilities and needs as children. They may be denied access to adequate medical services and education, abused and mistreated by police, guards, and other detainees, and unable to seek asylum. They may languish in jail-like detention facilities, in conditions that are often degrading and inhumane, and many children are held in cells with adults who are strangers. Children held in detention, particularly for long periods with no release in sight, suffer lasting consequences, physically and mentally. Detention can create new traumas or exacerbate previous ones.

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Oppose the refugee suspension

Oppose the refugee suspension

US President Trump issued a second executive order halting all resettlement of refugees to the US for at least 120 days. This harms people fleeing persecution who have already been extensively screened by the US government. The order also bans nationals with case by case exceptions of 6 Muslim-majority countries from entering the US for at least 90 days, harming many of them as well as their US-based families and communities.

Stand up for immigrant and refugee rights. Ask your Senators to stand up to xenophobia and opposing the refugee suspension.