September 25, 2023

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised when he was elected in 2018 to determine the truth about one of the country’s most infamous unresolved atrocities: the 2014 kidnapping and enforced disappearance of 43 student teachers.

Instead, he has allowed his allies in the military to obstruct the investigation by hiding key evidence that experts believe could contain clues about what happened to the students.

President López Obrador should use his authority to make the army release the evidence it has from the night the students disappeared.

And Mexico's friends and allies should urge the president to keep his word and ensure there is a credible investigation into the students' disappearance.

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  • November 1, 2023 Video
    Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has devastated schools and kindergartens throughout the country, Human Rights Watch said in a report and video released today. Since February 2022, over 3,790 educational facilities have been damaged or destroyed, according to Ukrainian government figures, severely interrupting access to education for millions of children. The 63-page report, “Tanks on the Playground,” documents the damage and destruction of schools and kindergartens in four Ukrainian regions during the first months of the fighting. Most of the damage to educational facilities resulted from aerial attacks, artillery shelling, rocket strikes, and, in some cases, attacks using cluster munitions – causing significant damage to roofs, the collapse of walls, and major debris in classrooms. Russian forces frequently looted and pillaged schools they occupied, a war crime.  
    Ukraine Schools Destroyed
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  • October 27, 2023 Video
    It is within the Israeli  authorities power to turn on the  water supply and ensure that there's fresh  drinking water available to hospitals and to families,  to civilians who are living under bombardment at the moment.
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  • October 25, 2023 Video
    (Beirut, October 26, 2023) – Drone strikes by Turkish Armed Forces on Kurdish-held areas of northeast Syria between October 5 and 10, 2023, damaged critical infrastructure and resulted in water and electricity disruptions for millions of people, Human Rights Watch said today.
    Attacks Exacerbate Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis for Millions
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