Women and girls with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan face abuse and discrimination, often by those closest to them

Women and girls with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan experience abuse including rape, beatings, neglect, and humiliation, often by those closest to them, Human Rights Watch said in a report published today. Kyrgyzstan has taken positive steps in recent years to tackle domestic violence and to uphold the rights of people with disabilities and should act now to protect women with disabilities from such violence.

The 74-page report, “Abused by Relatives, Ignored by the State: Domestic Violence Against and Neglect of Women and Girls with Disabilities in Kyrgyzstan”, documents how violence by family members or partners often goes unreported and unaddressed due to widespread discrimination against people with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan, especially women and girls. Families often perceive their existence as shameful and hide them from society. Law enforcement and judicial bodies often ignore or downplay reported cases and a shortage of shelters and other services for survivors of domestic violence who have disabilities makes it harder for them to escape abuse.

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