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Human Rights Watch believes that a vibrant international human rights movement is necessary to create significant and sustained improvements in human rights. We consider strong partnerships with other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) an essential tool for achieving impact, and close collaboration with other NGOs has been instrumental in many of our successes.

Human Rights Watch aims to work with our partners in a manner that is mutually beneficial and we seek to assist partner NGOs whenever possible. The below document is intended to be a resource guide for Human Rights Watch's partner organizations, and includes information on potential funders, training and networking tools, security information, useful handbooks, and links to support organizations. We hope that our partners find the below material useful in advancing your important work.




The Human Rights Watch website, (, provides links to other sites for your convenience. However, we have no control over the content of the linked sites and cannot claim responsibility for the accuracy of the information or the quality of the products and services described therein.

(The $ symbol denotes services with possible costs associated)

Advocacy and Communications

ACFID Development Advocacy Toolkit

This is a website containing useful guides on how to create an efficient advocacy campaign. It includes a lengthy and informative guide called An Introduction to Advocacy: Training Guide

AMICC's Media Training

This is a comprehensive guide to using the media as a tool, which includes steps to creating and maintaining media contacts as well as steps to delivering a successful media campaign.

Global Voices Advocacy

Global Voices is a network of more than 200 bloggers from around the world  that maintains an advocacy network to help organizations or individuals get their message across on the internet.


Although designed for journalists, Internews holds training programs that may be applicable to field research.


Training, Networking, and Management


Aid Workers Network

This is a website created to help workers from aid organizations and NGOs share information. It includes a blog, a forum, and a newsletter dedicated to sharing information.


AMICC's Media Training

This is a comprehensive guide to using the media as a tool, which includes steps to creating and maintaining media contacts, as well as steps to delivering a successful media campaign.

Asia Forum on Human Rights and Development: Training Manuals

This is a collection of training manuals provided by the Asia Forum on Human Rights and Development. It is mostly dedicated to fact finding, research, and documentation.

Barefoot Workshops $

Barefoot Workshops is a New York City-based, nonprofit organization founded in 2004 that teaches individuals and organizations how to use digital video to push their message.


BOND is a networking resource for British NGOs that facilitates policy campaigning and provide some training programs.

Human Rights Tools

This is a nonprofit organization made up of human rights professionals from various NGOs. Together, they maintain a database of online resources and teach classes in many countries around the world.


IREX is a nonprofit organization that provides training programs to foster civil society development it has a US$60 million portfolio and more than 500 staff worldwide.

New Tactics in Human Rights

This is an organization that holds seminars, distributes publications, implements tactical mapping, and provides resources dedicated to supporting the human rights community.

NGO Café

The NGO café is a website with a multitude of articles regarding partnership strategies, networking, capacity building, and research.


NGO Management School $

The NGO Management School teaches classes around the world pertaining to different aspects of NGO management. It is currently registered as an NGO itselfand is based in Geneva.

NGO Manager

The NGO Manager site provides articles and links pertaining to NGO management and operation. The site's library contains links to more than 300 tools and articles.

NGO Media $

NGO Media is a group of reporters and charity workers who provide media and advocacy training to NGOs. They are a consulting firm dedicated to enhancing their clients' messaging.  

The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations $

The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations provides networking and support opportunities to NGOs around the world. Part of its mandate is to assist its member NGOs in accomplishing their goals.


Law, Research and Methodology


Amnesty International Library

The Amnesty International library, established as a resource for human rights research, houses more than 50,000 videos, recordings, articles and reports pertaining to human rights.

Directory of English Language Web-Based Training Materials for Human Rights Field Officers

This is a link to a library of several hundred links to online training resources for human rights field officers.

ESCR Net Resources

ESCR Net is an organization working to secure economic and social justice through human rights. It maintains a database of resources and information regarding other human rights advocacy organizations.



HURIDOCS is a tool (free software) for documenting human rights violations and information. Its goal is to strengthen the ability of human rights organizations to handle large amounts of information.

International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights

Interights is an organization dedicated to the strengthening of international law through the support of governments and NGOs committed to this cause. It provides legal training for NGOs and maintains an online database of legal documents.

International Commission of Jurists Legal Resources

This includes an extensive database of international legal resources and articles.

International Council on Human Rights Policy

The International Council on Human Rights Policy produces research reports and policy recommendations. It also facilitates communication between NGOs, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), and governments.


International Service for Human Rights

The International Service for Human Rights facilitates communication between UN- affiliated groups. It also produces and distributes information to human rights defenders, and provides training on the use of international human rights mechanisms.

A Methodology for Gender Sensitive Research

This is a handbook that lays out the nuances of gender-sensitive human rights research. It includes research methods and interview tactics.

Monitoring State Sponsored Violence in Africa: A Practical Guide

This is a comprehensive guide to monitoring state sponsored violence in Africa. It covers everything from field research to report writing.

The Netherlands Institute of Human Rights Library

This is a database of human rights articles and documents, with a mostly legal orientation.

The Open Society Justice Initiative

The Open Society Justice Initiative is a group whose purpose is to provide technical, legal, and litigation assistance to NGOs, with the ultimate goal of building the strength of international law.

Reporting Killings as Human Rights Violations Handbook

The Reporting Killings as Human Rights Violations Handbook is a guide to the documentation of killings as human rights abuses. It includes methods of reporting aimed at soliciting a response.

The Torture Reporting Handbook

The Torture Reporting Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the successful documentation of torture. It includes methods of reporting aimed at soliciting a response.

UPR Info

UPR Info is a Geneva-based NGO based. It intends both to raise awareness and to provide capacity-building tools to the different actors of the UPR (Universal Periodic Review) process, such as United Nations Member States, NGOs, national human rights institutions, and civil society in general.

United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database

The United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database is a database of more than 85,000 specialized UN terms and nomenclature. It is available in all six official UN languages.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library contains more thabn 60,000 articles about all aspects of human rights. The site is offered in nine languages and has an effective search function.


Protection and Security


Front Line

Front Line is an international foundation for the protection of human rights defenders. Based in Dublin, Front Line advocates for human rights workers as a vulnerable group, and in addition to providing grants to cover protection costs, it operates a 24 hour emergency response hotline.

Patronus Analytical

This is an international aid worker website that includes a listing of helpful articles and a blog on NGO security.

Peace Brigades International

Peace Brigades International is an NGO that promotes nonviolence. It sends people into conflict areas to provide protective accompaniment to human rights defenders.




Foundation center

The Foundation Center is the most authoritative source of information on private philanthropy in the United States. It helps grant-seekers, grant-makers, researchers, policymakers, the media, and the general public to better understand the field of philanthropy.


European Foundations Centre

Provides many of the same services as their US counterpart but are based in Europe.

The Fund for Global Human Rights

The Fund for Global Human Rights gives grants (between US$5,000 and US$30,000) to small human rights advocacy groups that would otherwise lack the resources to operate.

Funds for

This site provides information on fundraising opportunities and logistical support for NGOs. It includes a listing of grants and multilateral, cause-specific funds.

Grant Writing 101/102: Resources for Grant Writers

A part of the Guide Star website, these pages contain tips for drafting grant proposals and provide links to other helpful websites.