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Implementation of CCW Amended Protocol II

Memorandum to Delegates of the Fourth Annual Meeting of States Parties

Actions by certain States Parties during the past year raise serious concerns about the effective implementation of Amended Protocol II to the 1980 Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW).  Human Rights Watch urges all States Parties to address these concerns as they review the implementation and operation of Amended Protocol II during the Fourth Annual Meeting on December 11, 2002. 

Specifically, there are concerns about:

  • the effectiveness of the measures taken by India and Pakistan to ensure the exclusion of civilians from areas containing recently emplaced landmines;
  • allegations that Pakistan Ordnance Factories offered two types of antipersonnel mines for sale in the United Kingdom;
  • the lack of reported progress by States Parties like China and Pakistan to enable them to end their deferred compliance with key provisions; and
  • the lack of detailed reporting on the national measures taken by States Parties to implement Amended Protocol II, particularly regarding the detectability and reliability requirements for antipersonnel mines.

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