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How we work

Investigate. Human Rights Watch is committed to systematically researching and analysing human rights conditions worldwide in order to uncover abuses. Researchers interview leaders, victims and witnesses so that they can form an accurate picture of what happened. They also review media and academic reports, domestic and international law and policy papers to gain a further understanding of the situation.

Expose. Human Rights Watch researchers publish their findings in the form of reports and articles. These are then made accessible to the public as well as local authorities in order to raise awareness of the abuses. The publications are available in multiple languages and formats and are often referenced in news articles worldwide.

Change. Following the identification and publication of human rights abuses, Human Rights Watch’s advocacy division work closely with local authorities and organisations in order to demand accountability and put an end to the abuses that they have discovered. The ultimate goal of Human Rights Watch is to ensure that human rights are upheld worldwide and to promote justice and change. 


Human Rights Watch Canada Board of Directors


Michele Alexander
Michele Alexander is our deputy executive director of development and global initiatives for Human Rights Watch and is responsible for the management of the organization's outreach, fundraising, and marketing initiatives. Read her full bio here:

Deane Collinson
Deane Collinson is a retired Senior Executive at Loblaw Companies, Cadillac Fairview, and Calgary Co-operative Association as well as Fred Victor Board Vice Chair. Read his full bio here:

Nancy Hamm
Nancy Hamm is the Chair of the Pine River Institute Board of Directors and her involvement includes: campaign fundraising, event planning and board leadership. Read her full bio here: 

Chip Pitfield
Chip Pitfield is Vice President, Private Wealth at Fiera Capital. Read his full bio here:

Heather Spinks
Heather is a partner and chartered professional accountant with Koster, Spinks & Koster LLP. Read her full bio here


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Human Rights Watch is an independent, nongovernmental organization, supported by contributions from private individuals and foundations worldwide. To ensure our independence, we do not accept government funds, directly or indirectly. Donations made in Canada benefit our work worldwide.


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The charity's registration number must be written in full on all official donation receipts and must include the business number, the proper program identifier (RR), and the reference number.


Voices for Justice

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