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HRW press releases

Iran: Overturn Stadium Restrictions for Women 10/13/16

Iran: Kish Island Open, Closed Off to Women 2/16/16

Iran: Women Attending a Must for 2016 Volleyball 11/26/15

Iran: End Ban on Women at Volleyball Matches 10/29/15

How else are women’s rights restricted in Iran? 10/28/15

Iran: Volleyball Federation Should Penalize Ban on Women 7/2/15

HRW op-eds, dispatches, witness pieces

Banned from Stadiums for Being a Woman in Iran  6/30/16

Iran’s national volleyball team is a powerhouse – but female fans still can’t attend matches Quartz 6/28/16

Beach volleyball and women's rights in Iran? CNN Opinion 2/4/16

How does the Iran nuclear deal play into human rights? 10/28/15

In Iran’s “Freedom” Stadium, There is No True Freedom New York Times 8/27/15

Iranian Women Aren’t Even Allowed to Watch Volleyball, Now Quartz 6/23/15

Articles, non-HRW op-eds

NYT op-ed by Solmaz Sharif  NYT 8/17/6

Iranian Women Push for More Open Stadiums  NYT/AP 7/1/16

The Veiled Federation   FAZ (English) 7/5/16

Half the Freedom  FAZ (English) 1/19/16

Mega-Sporting Events (MSEs)

World Report 2015 chapter Raising the Bar 

Minky Worden - EP testimony  May 6, 2015

Minky Worden - EP testimony (video)  June 13, 2016


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