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Afghan women walk by Taliban security forces in Kabul, Afghanistan, May 2022. © 2022 Ebrahim Noroozi for AP Photo

"There is no country in the world where the basic human rights of women and girls are more restricted than in Afghanistan, and no government anywhere that has expressed support for the Taliban’s policies there.

In 2023, Afghanistan remains the only country where teenage girls and women do not have access to education, employment, and freedom of movement. Despite the severe economic costs of maintaining these restrictions—not only for women and girls but for the entire population—the Taliban have been persistent in maintaining these bans.

The Taliban’s restrictions on women's rights are compounding the humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan that was prompted by the sharp cut-off of most foreign aid after the Taliban takeover in August 2021. Taliban regulations prevent women from working for humanitarian organizations, thus making it more difficult for women and children to get aid and secure livelihoods.

These new rules have led humanitarian organizations to suspend much of their work, because continuing to do so would mean those most at risk would not benefit, contrary to fundamental humanitarian principles of impartiality, humanity and independence. Responsibility for ensuring the well-being of the population lies with the Taliban."

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