Human Rights Watch is a leading international organisation dedicated to defending and promoting human rights around the world. Human Rights Watch researchers work to uncover human rights violations by investigating sites of abuse and speaking first-hand with witnesses and authorities. By exposing these abuses and shining a spotlight where they occur, Human Rights Watch's work gives a voice to victims, generates intense international pressure on governments for action and raises the cost to perpetrators of committing abuses. Human Rights Watch pursues perpetrators of abuses until they are brought to justice.


UK Advocacy and Media

The UK advocacy and communications team are responsible for conducting targeted advocacy towards the UK government and parliamentarians. They are also in charge of the organisation’s outreach to the UK media.

Development & Global Initiatives
The Development & Global Initiatives team is the key contact for the London Committee. The team is responsible for organising fundraising and outreach events. They are the focal point for liaising with supporters, the London Committee and the Board of Directors.

Staff members based in London


The London Committee is comprised of 34 active, long term supporters of Human Rights Watch living in and around London. It forms part of the Human Rights Watch Council, an international network of Committees and Ambassadors who advance the efforts of Human Rights Watch by organising conferences, briefings and other events, engaging in targeted advocacy initiatives, and assisting in important development and outreach programs.