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Re: You Letter Dated November 29, 2017

Dear Mr. Ganesan,

Thank you for your enquiry. Cyberbit Solutions Ltd. (“Cyberbit Solutions”) is an Israeli company that provides intelligence and lawful interception solutions worldwide. Cyberbit Solutions operates under strict regulations of the Israeli competent authorities and under a strict export control regime.

Cyberbit Solutions offers its products only to sovereign governmental authorities and law enforcement agencies. Such governmental authorities and law enforcement agencies are responsible to ensure that they are legally authorized to use the products in their jurisdictions. Cyberbit Solutions products greatly contribute to national security and law enforcement where its products are used. Cyberbit Solutions is a vendor and it does not operate any of its products. Cyberbit Solutions customers are the sole operators of the products at their sole responsibility and they are obliged to do so according to all applicable laws and regulations. The activity of such law enforcement and intelligence agencies is a matter of national security in any country and as a foreign vendor Cyberbit is not exposed to their operational activity.

We appreciate your concern and query and we are addressing it subject to the legal and contractual confidentiality obligations Cyberbit Solutions is bound by. Cyberbit Solutions is not at liberty to disclose the details of a specific client or a specific transaction, thus we cannot confirm or deny any specific transaction with the Ethiopian Government or any other government or authority. Cyberbit Solutions’ clients are governmental agencies that require full confidentiality and we cannot breach our contractual confidentiality obligations.

Cyberbit Solutions can confirm that any transaction made by it was approved by the competent authorities. In particular, Cyberbit Solutions lawful interception and intelligence products are subject to export control due to their nature and they were sold only after obtaining all relevant authorizations. Cyberbit Solutions sells its products only to end users that are approved by the relevant governmental authorities and each product is sold to a designated pre-approved governmental end user. 

We hope you will consider our response when publishing your report while understanding that we have tried to provide you with much information as possible giving the contractual and legal limitations Cyberbit Solutions is bound by. We also welcome an opportunity to discuss the issues raised in your query and are available for any clarification.


Cyberbit Solutions Ltd. 

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