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Lead poisoning in Zamfara State, Nigeria, has taken the lives of over 400 children and left thousands more with permanent life-long disability. In May, President Goodluck Jonathan pledged $4 million to clean up the lead contamination. Today, that money is nowhere to be found, and thousands of children remain at risk of death and disability.
Cleanup of the contaminated village Bagega, which is home to 8,000 residents, must begin by January to ensure completion by the rainy season. If President Jonathan makes good on his promise and releases the funds immediately, the cleanup can still happen and lives will be saved. If not, more children will be lost to this preventable tragedy.
Add your voice to those asking President Jonathan to release the money.
·         Visit his Facebook page ( and comment on his last status update with the following message:  
President Jonathan, why won't you release the money you promised in May to clean up poisonous lead in Zamfara? Children are dying and your government's failure to act is putting more children at risk.
·         Share this page on your wall and invite your friends to participate.
·         Sign the petition on behalf of approximately 1,500 lead poisoned children who are awaiting urgent medical treatment in Bagega, Nigeria.

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