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Mohammed Hashim, an Afghan, was charged with spying, terrorism and providing material support for terrorism. Specifically, the United States alleged that Hashim attended a terrorist training camp to receive instruction in weapons, explosives, suicide bombings, assassination and poisoning water supplies. It further alleged that between December 2001 and October 2002 Hashim conducted reconnaissance missions on behalf of Al Qaeda and participated in a rocket attack against US forces in Afghanistan.

Hashim was arrested by Afghan forces in 2002 and turned over to US forces. At his Combatant Status Review Tribunal, he admitted to working for the Taliban, but said he was only doing it for the money. He also said that he was never mistreated while in US custody. He was held for more than five years before charges were sworn against him in May 2008. The charges were confirmed by the Convening Authority in October 2008. However, in May 2009, the charges were dropped, and in December 2009, Hashim was transferred from Guantanamo back to Afghanistan. (Last updated December 1, 2010)


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