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Human Rights Watch is investigating security forces killing of at least 278 protesters after Egyptian security forces moved in to clear the two sit-ins of Muslim Brotherhood supporters on Wednesday morning. Heba Morayef reported from just outside the site of the Rab’a sit-in:

Access to the Rab’a Medical Clinic was limited due to nearby snipers. This meant that ambulances couldn't reach the hospital and people carrying wounded out on stretchers had to run through sniper fire.

“One man next to us was shot and fell to the ground as we ran across,” Morayef said. “Doctors inside the hospital were attempting to operate in crowded hallways with very basic equipment.”

Doctors told Morayef that of the dead they saw, 64 were killed by live fire and shot in the head and chest, with the exception of one man who was burned to death in his tent.

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