Obaidullah, an Afghan, is accused of conspiracy (including conspiracy to commit murder), and providing material support to terrorism. The US alleges that he stored and concealed anti-tank mines and other explosive devices and that he had a notebook with illustrations showing how to wires and detonate them for the purpose of "carrying out a terrorist act."


Obaidullah was arrested on July 20, 2002, and held at Bagram Air Base before being transferred to Guantanamo Bay.


At his Administrative Review Board hearing in August 2005, Obaidullah denied the allegations against him and said that he had only admitted to being a member of the Taliban and planting explosive devices because he had been subjected to abusive interrogation techniques. He said that while at Bagram, US soldiers held a knife to his throat and threatened to kill him if he did not confess. He said they also suspended his hands above his head for extended periods of time, subjected him to sleep deprivation, and forced him to walk all night carrying a heavy bag of sand.


The Convening Authority of the Military Commissions must approve the charges before Obaidullah is formally charged.


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