State Ombudsman
Patty Pierson
State LTC Ombudsman
Division of Aging Services
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5044
Phone: (402)471-2307
Fax: (402)471-4619

Treatment Centers for Juveniles and Adults Sexually Attracted to Children


Beatrice State Developmental Disorder
Jeromy Warner
Phone: (402) 239-6806

  • Evaluation and treatment of adults
  • Languages: English


Michael Burkes, Psy.D. & Associaties, P.C.
Amy Eigenberg, M.S., L.P.C.
Phone: (308) 234-5644

  • Evaluation and treatment of: children and adolescents/teenagers and abuse survivors
  • Languages: English


Counseling Affiliates of Nebraska, LLC
Mary Paine, Ph.D.
Cindy Nash, Ph.D.
Jason Christensen, L.M.H.P.
Phone: (402) 488-0077

  • Evaluation and treatment of: children, adolescents/teenagers, and adults
    Also treats: adolescent/teenage and adult patients with developmental disabilities
    Also treats: abuse survivors (ages 8 and up)
    Languages: English

Steven B. Blum, Ph.D.
Phone: (402) 441-9292

  • Evaluation and treatment of: adults (perpetrators) and adult abuse survivors (on occasion)
  • Languages: English

North Platte

Mental Health Specialists, P.C.
Linda Perry, M.S., L.M.H.P.
John B. Striebel, Psy.D.
Sonya Charlton, M.S., P.L.A.D.C.
Nancy Michaels, M.S., L.A.D.C.
Phone: (308) 532-0777

  • Evaluation and treatment of: children and adolescents/teenagers
  • Also treats: child, adolescent/teenage, and adult abuse survivors
  • Languages: English, Spanish


Lutheran Family Services
RoxAnne Koenig, M.S., L.M.H.P.
Vickie Peyton, L.M.H.P., L.C.S.W.
Phone: (402) 342-7007

  • Evaluation and treatment of: children, adolescents/teenagers and adults
  • Also treats: abuse survivors
  • Languages: English


Options In Psychology
Alan J. Smith, Ph.D.
Phone: (308) 632-8547

  • Evaluation and treatment of: children, adolescents/teenagers, and adults
  • Patients with developmental disabilities
  • Abuse survivors (ages 10 and up)
  • Languages: English

Girls and Boys Town
14100 Crawford Street
Boys Town, NE 68010
Phone: (402) 498-1072
Contact: Tiffany White-Welchen, Parenting Manager
Agency Head: Bobbie O'Connor, Director
Area Served: USA
Parent Organization: Common Sense Parenting

  • Provides a parent education curriculum for parents with limited access to their children including prisoners

Nebraska Correctional Center for Women
1107 Recharge Road
York, NE 68467
Phone: (402) 362-3317
Contact: Mary Alley, Parenting Program Coordinator
Agency Head: Mona Rhynalds, Warden
Area Served: Nebraska
Parent Organization: Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

  • Provides parenting and childbirth classes, overnight and day child visits, and nursery for inmates' babies who may stay with their mothers up to 18 months of age.

Visiting Nurse Association
1941 South 42nd Street, Suite 225
Omaha, NE 68105
Phone: (800) 456-8869
Contact: Betty Cernech, Vice President
Agency Head: Janice Treml, CEO
Area Served: Douglas and Sarpy Counties
Parent Organization: Visiting Nurse Association

  • Provides public health nursing services, parent education, information, referrals and case management to pregnant and parenting women and teens incarcerated in state and local facilities. Also provides follow-up and home visitation after release and public information and advocacy.

ACLU of Nebraska
941 "0" Street, Suite 706
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: (402) 476-8091

  • Individual rights are central to the organizing principles of our nation.  Protection of these rights takes priority over government efficiency and the will of the majority.
  • ACLU Nebraska works through its legal, legislative, and public education programs to protect and promote civil liberties throughout the State of the Nebraska.

Nebraska State Bar
635 South 14th Street
P.O. Box 81809
Lincoln, NE 68501
Phone: (402) 475-7091

College of Law
Lincoln, NE 68583
Attn: Kevin Ruser, Director of Civil Clinic
Phone: (402) 472-3271

  • Provides free legal services for immigration related cases.

Midwest Coalition for Sex Offender Rehabilitation (Nebraska Chapter)
Contact: Kyle Payne

  • A broad-based coalition which counts among its members sex offenders and their families, victim's advocates, spiritual leaders, therapists, attorneys, as well as medical and public health professionals.

Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative Grant
Janee Pannkuk, Program Coordinator
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services
Folsom & West Prospector Place, Building #1
Lincoln, NE 68522
Phone: (402) 479-5723
Mobile: (402) 416-6329
Fax: (402) 479-5623

  • The Nebraska Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Program will improve adult offenders' access to services and provide comprehensive case management by coordinating service providers at both the state and local levels. Managed by Nebraska's Department of Correctional Services, the program will serve serious and violent offenders ages 18-35 by addressing issues such as substance abuse and mental health problems, housing, employment, education, criminal behavior, and family relationships. Approximately 60 to 90 high-risk offenders will be matched with appropriate levels of services and supervision.

Nebraska Workforce Development
Department of Labor
South 16th Street Lincoln, NE
Phone: (402) 471-3405, ext. 550

Affilliated with Creighton University School of Law
P.O. Box 24183
Omaha, NE 68124
Phone: (402) 341-7954 or (402) 896-1973
Contact: Tom Lustgraaf

  • Legal Support

1616 L Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
Phone: (402) 477-6680       

  • May consider cases on pro bono basis

Federal Bonding Program
Nebraska Workforce Development 
550 South 16th Street 
P.O. Box 94600 
Lincoln, NE 68509 
Phone: (402) 471-2693 
Fax: (402) 471-3050 


  • The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bonding insurance coverage to individuals with criminal histories and other high-risk job applicants who are qualified, but fail to get jobs because regular commercial bonding is denied due to their backgrounds.
  • Criminal Record Repository
    Nebraska State Patrol Headquarters 
    Criminal Identification Division 
    1600 NE Highway, #2 
    Lincoln, NE 68509 
    Phone: (402) 471-4545 


  • This is the agency individuals may contact to obtain a copy of their state rap sheet and learn about the process of sealing, expunging or cleaning it up. The criminal record repository can also tell the individual who else is legally entitled to have access to his or her record.
  • State Attorney General
    Office of the Attorney General 
    2115 State Capitol 
    Lincoln, NE 68509 
    Phone: (402) 471-2682 
    Fax: (402) 471-3297

    Cornhusker State Industries 
    800 Pioneers Road
    Lincoln, NE 68502 
    Phone: (402) 471-1259 

  • Cornhusker State Industries manufactures products for sale to other state agencies. Products manufactured include metal and wood furniture, library fixtures, picnic tables, customized furniture, furniture reconditioning and re-upholstering, dorm furniture, health care furniture, health care case goods, dry goods, paints and stains, janitorial supplies, signage and outdoor accessories.
  • Pre-Release Program
    Nebraska Department of Correctional Services 
    P.O. Box 94661 
    Lincoln, NE 68509 
    Phone: (402) 471-2654 


  • Life skills courses include cognitive thinking, work attitude and behavior, parenting, relationships, orientation to school and HIV-AIDS. Pre-release courses include seeking employment, money management, housing information, interpersonal skills, healthcare, and community resources on parole. These courses are offered as needed and are intended for inmates within six months of release. Pre-release provides a review of topics that may have been covered in other courses as well as new topics that relate directly to release on parole.
  • Adult Parole Administration
    Program and Community Services 
    Nebraska Department of Correctional Services 
    P.O. Box 94661 
    Lincoln, NE 68509 
    Phone: (402) 479-5771 
    Fax: (402) 479-5804

    Office of Probation Administration 
    1220 State Capitol Building 
    P.O. Box 98910 
    Lincoln, NE 68509 
    Phone: (402) 471-3730 
    Phone: (402) 471-2197

    State Public Defender
    Nebraska Commission of Public Advocacy 
    The Apothecary Building, Suite 270 
    Lincoln, NE 68509 
    Phone: (402) 471-7774 
    Fax: (402) 471-8087 

    555 South 10th Street, Room 202 
    Lincoln, NE 68508
    Phone: (402) 441-7631 

    Madison County Public Defender 

    Nebraska Legal Services
    Law Building, Suite 300 
    500 South 18th Street 
    Omaha, NE 68102 
    Phone: (402) 348-1069
    For legal assistance call AccessLine: (877) 250-2016 
    Fax: (402) 348-1068 

    • The mission of Nebraska Legal Services is to promote justice, dignity and self-sufficiency through civil legal aid for those who have no where else to turn. To find NLS services in your area, visit their website: AccessLine: 877-250-2016 Native American Program: 800-729-9908 Farm Hotline: 800-464-0258 Spanish: 877-669-8898

    Nebraska Appleseed
    941 'O' Street, Suite 920
    Lincoln, NE 68508
    Phone: (402) 438-8853 
    Web Site: 

    • The Nebraska Appleseed Center for Law in the Public Interest, Inc., is a non-profit, non-partisan law project committed to equal justice for all Nebraskans.

    Nebraska Workforce Development Career Centers

    Office of Workforce Services 
    Nebraska Workforce Development - Department of Labor 
    550 South 16th Street
    P.O. Box 94600 
    Lincoln, NE 68509 
    Phone: (402) 471-9948 

    • One-Stop Centers are also known as Nebraska Workforce Development Career Centers. Services offered include initial assessment of skill levels, aptitudes, abilities and supportive service needs, job search and placement assistance, follow-up including counseling for not less than one year following job placement, development of an employment plan, and pre-vocational services such as the development of communication and interviewing skills, punctuality, personal maintenance and professional conduct. Self help software, videos, computers, Internet access, fax and copier machines are also available.

    Goodwill Industries, Inc.

    • Goodwill Industries, Inc. prepares people for jobs and matches them with local employers. Services range from personal evaluation and office skills training to career counseling, childcare and transportation. Because each local community has different needs, programs and services vary from location to location.

    Central Nebraska Goodwill Industries, Inc. 
    1804 South Eddy Street 
    Grand Island, NE 68802 
    Phone: (308) 384-7896 
    Fax: (308) 384-9231 

    Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska, Inc. 
    2100 Judson Street 
    Lincoln, NE 68521 
    Phone: (402) 438-2022 
    Fax: (402) 438-2167

    Goodwill Industries, Inc. Serving Eastern Nebraska & Southwest 
    1111 South 41st Street 
    Omaha, NE 68105 
    Phone: (402) 341-4609 
    Fax: (402) 341-3061

    Omaha Con-nections
    4140 North 42nd Street 
    Omaha, NE 68111 
    Phone: (402) 451-1100 
    Toll free: (888) 286-6771        
    Fax: (402) 455-8898

    • Omaha Con-nections offers instruction in job readiness skills, survival skills and services for veterans who have criminal histories. They offer written/visual materials for use with pre-release populations. In addition, job development services are available. Referrals come from direct service providers as well as direct contact from prison visits. Staff is also available for training criminal justice programs on how to prepare individuals for re-integration to society.

    Legal Aid of Nebraska
    1904 Farnam Street
    Suite 500
    Omaha, NE 68102
    Toll-free: (877) 250-2016
    Fax: (402) 348-1060

    Nebraska Legal Services Scotts Bluff County Volunteer Lawyer Program 
    P.O. Box 1078 
    Grand Island, NE 68802 
    Phone: (308) 381-0517 
    Fax: (308) 381-0521 
    Intake Phone: (877) 250-2016 
    Case Types: Adoption, Bankruptcy, Community Economic Development, Consumer, Child Custody, Dissolution of Marriage, Domestic Violence, Education, Elder Law, Employment, Health, Housing, Individual Rights, Public Benefits, Real Estate, Wills 
    Case Restrictions: LSC restrictions 

    Nebraska State Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project 
    P.O. Box 81809 
    Lincoln, NE 68501-1809 
    Phone: (402) 475-7091 
    Fax: (402) 475-7095 
    Intake Phone: (800) 742-3005 
    Counties Served: Statewide 
    Case Types: Adoption, Bankruptcy, Consumer, Child Custody, Dissolution of Marriage, Domestic Violence, Education, Elder Law, Employment, Housing, Immigration, Individual Rights, Juvenile, Public Benefits, Real Estate, Torts, Wills 
    Case Restrictions: Civil legal matters only. Pro bono assistance is provided to those individuals with income at and below 125% of poverty guidelines. Reduced fee is provided to individuals at 150% and below.

    Unfair Appearance in Sex Offender Databases Nebraska

    • If you are listed on a sex offender database because of an act that is now legal, here's how to get your name off. This article also covers how public access to sex offender databases works and why this information is open to the public.