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Resource list for evacuees

To apply for financial assistance from FEMA
The forms for applying for federal disaster relief assistance are available on-line at: You can also call to request assistance: 1-800-621-FEMA.

Child separated from family during evacuation?
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is helping to reconnect families separated in the evacuation. Information on missing children and adults is available on their website at:, and you can call their hotline with information about missing children or adults, or to list a child or adult as missing: 1-888-544-5475.

Family member incarcerated in Louisiana?
For people seeking to locate incarcerated family members who were evacuated from the affected parishes, the DOC has established two hotlines where you can find out where your family member is and can leave a message for that family member letting them know where you are. The numbers are 225-342-3998 and 225-342-5935. DO NOT CALL INSTITUTIONS DIRECTLY, PLEASE CALL THE HOTLINE. The hotline is open between 7am and 10pm CST. There is also a website run by the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, which is tracking prisoners:

On Parole or Probation in Louisiana and evacuated?
If you are on probation or parole in Louisiana and been evacuated to a new location, the Louisiana Department of Probation and Parole has set up a number for you to report your new location. The number is 800-869-2909 if you are out-of-area, or 225-342-0921 if you are in greater Baton Rouge. The Department is urging parolees and probationers to call in a timely fashion.

In search of evacuated juveniles detainees?
Lisa Kung at the Southern Center for Human Rights reports today that: All youths held in Bridge City Center for Youth (BCCY) are accounted for and are now held at Jetson Correctional Center. You can call Jetson at (225) 778-9000 and ask for John Anderson, Michael Gaines, Ricky Wright, or Linda London. Family members should demand that their child be brought to the phone immediately and be allowed to talk to their family.

Youths held at the Youth Study Center, Plaquemine Detention Center, St. Bernard Center, Terrebonne Detention Center, and Riverde Detention Center have been routed to placements in other parts of the state. Family members should call Perla at (225) 287-7988 or (225) 328-3607 (cell) or Stacey at (225) 287-7955 to find out where their child is located. Ask Perla for a phone number, call, and demand that they be permitted to speak to their child immediately on the phone. FFLIC has not confirmed that all youths have been accounted for.

Louisiana registered sex offender and evacuated?
If you are a sex offender who has been evacuated to a new area, registration requirements provide that you must check in with the local sheriff or police in your new location. If you are also on probation or parole you should check in with the Department of Probation and Parole and report your new location. The number is 800-869-2909 if you are out-of-area, or 225-342-0921 if you are in greater Baton Rouge.

Missing a pet in the evacuation?
Information on missing pets and the emergency shelters that are assisting evacuated animals can be found at:

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