Manny Maung

Myanmar Researcher, Asia Division
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Manny Maung is the Myanmar researcher at Human Rights Watch. Her research focuses on widespread human rights issues in Myanmar including atrocity crimes committed against the Rohingya and other ethnic minorities, arbitrary arrests and detention, torture, sexual violence, freedom of expression and labor rights. Since the February 1, 2021 military coup, she has focused significantly on the renewed military abuses against the population that amount to crimes against humanity and war crimes. In addition to research, Manny works closely with other non-governmental partners and civil society groups on international advocacy campaigns to create pathways for accountability for victims of human rights abuses. Manny was born in Myanmar and returned in 2012 to live and work from Yangon, until recently.

Prior to joining HRW, Manny worked as a news and investigative journalist for more than 12 years for major broadcasters including CNN International, Al Jazeera International, BBC, SBS World news, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation among others. She also worked briefly for a clandestine non-governmental organization, conducting research on trafficking and labor rights across Myanmar, Nepal, Malaysia, and Indonesia. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

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