Russian Cluster Munition Strikes Ukrainian Hospital

(Berlin, February 25, 2022)— A Russian ballistic missile carrying a cluster munition struck just outside a hospital in Vuhledar, a town in the Ukrainian government-controlled Donetska region, on February 24, 2022, Human Rights Watch said today. The attack killed 4 civilians and injured another 10, six of them healthcare workers, and damaged the hospital, an ambulance, and civilian vehicles.

Human Rights Watch interviewed separately by phone a doctor and an official from the hospital, known as the Central City Hospital, who gave the names of those who were wounded or killed, and shared photographs of two of the dead. Human Rights Watch also verified photographs posted to social media or sent directly by hospital staff that show damage from the attack, including two dead bodies, and the remnant of the weapon that was apparently used – a 9M79-series Tochka ballistic missile with a 9N123 cluster munition warhead.


Text: February 24, 2022

Text: Around 10:30 am a Russian cluster munition struck outside this hospital in Ukraine’s Donetska region.

Text: Four civilians were killed, 10 wounded, six of them healthcare workers.

Text: The attack damaged the hospital, an ambulance and civilian vehicles.

Text: Cluster munitions are banned under a 2008 international treaty.  

Text: But neither Russia nor Ukraine has signed the treaty.

Text: The 110 states that have joined the treaty should condemn this attack and the use of this type of weapon.

Text: To learn more about the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions, go to: 

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Damage from a cluster munition attack outside the Central City Hospital in Vuhledar.
Ukraine: Russian Cluster Munition Hits Hospital