50 Milligrams is not Enough

Vlad is suffering from incurable brain cancer. Despite his chronic pain, doctors in Ukraine are only able to prescribe minimal amounts of morphine due to bureaucratic restrictions. He is allowed only 50 mg of pain medicine per day. In another country, doctors would typically prescribe more than 2,000 mg for a patient like Vlad. Millions of people are left to suffer in pain without access to proper medicines. The severity of the pain experienced by patients can be as great or greater than that of traditional torture techniques, and it can last longer. The Campaign to Stop Torture in Health Care is working worldwide to ensure patients have access to adequate pain relief and to put an end to human rights violations and abuses in health care settings. Health care centers should be places that protect human rights and provide relief to patients. Join the campaign: http://www.stoptortureinhealthcare.org/

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