Power of the Streets is a podcast about how we speak truth to power. In a series of intimate interviews, host Audrey Kawire Wabwire brings us the achievements and stories of the young people driving Africa’s human rights movement.


    Visual storyteller Kiki Mordi produced an award-winning documentary about sex for grades in Nigerian and Ghanaian universities. As part of a feminist collective there, Kiki continues to speak out against the violence women and queer people face.
    • Watch the documentary ‘Sex for Grades’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we-F0Gi0Lqs
    • Check out Kiki’s latest project Document Women here: https://documentwomen.com
    • Follow Kiki here: https://twitter.com/kikimordi?s=20

    Kiki Mordi

    Ugandan writer Rosebell Kagumire edits an African feminist blog. She discusses the importance of curating these voices and how allies with large platforms influence the current movement. This discussion looks at the media’s role in trivializing sexual violence and the growth of support for survivors.


    Rosebell Kagumire

    What’s it like being a vocal African woman online? Entrepreneur Carol Ndosi discusses the importance of women’s voices on the internet in Tanzania, and how her work led to the creation of support systems for women who are trolled on social media.

    Check out Women at Web’s work on Twitter using #WomenatWeb<
    Check out the Carol and the Launch Pad’s work here: https://thelaunchpad.or.tz/
    Follow Carol Ndosi here: https://twitter.com/CarolNdosi
    Here’s Carol Ndosi’s startup, Nyama Choma Festival: https://www.instagram.com/nyamachomafestival/

    Rosebell Kagumire

    How do you prove that the home you fled was unsafe, if you could never report the violence you faced there? Thomars Shamuyarira is a Zimbabwean migrant rights activist living in South Africa. He speaks on South Africa’s restrictive asylum process and the experiences of LGBT people from elsewhere in Africa seeking asylum there.
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    The Fruit Basket won a prestigious award, read about it here.

    Thomars Shamuyarira

About Season 1

SEASON 1: #MeToo in Africa: In the first season, we hear from the people driving Africa’s #MeToo movement. This season tells the stories of Africans who are defying the odds by continuing to speak out, and shows how their innovative, creative strategies have made deep changes. 

Power of the Streets is hosted by Audrey Kawire Wabwire, a Media Manager at Human Rights Watch in Eastern Africa. She is based in Nairobi and grew up on a steady diet of KBC radio drama and maintained a passion for audio storytelling in her work as a radio journalist, commercial audio producer and media trainer in the region. She is excited about the possibilities that African podcasts are unlocking for diverse voices.

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