People with Intellectual Disabilities Should Have Representation in Politics in Mexico

A group of Mexican advocates with disabilities is aiming to raise awareness on the need for political institutions in Mexico, including political parties, to specifically carry out policies and actions to promote active political participation of people with intellectual disabilities.

This will entail the possibility of running for elected governmental offices. In their effort, the Peruvian advocate Brian Russell is traveling to Mexico on March 29 to give an account of his experience as a candidate for Congress. They aim to have meetings with political representatives in Mexico from multiple parties.

They come from different backgrounds, but they share the belief that they have the right to participate and represent others in politics.

See their profiles below. 

They have also prepared a political manifesto that you can find here.

Read the group members’ statements before a March 2022 meeting with political party representatives in Mexico here.

Photo of Diego Ortiz Cruz.
Photo of María Fernanda Castro Maya
A photo of Luis Alfonso García.
Photo of María José Gutiérrez Sánchez.
Photo of Bryan Russell.

View an easy-to-read version of their statement to Mexican authorities here