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My name is María Fernanda Castro, I am 29 years old. I am a self-advocate at CONFE (Mexican Confederation of Organizations Working for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities) and I represent Mexico at the Empower Us group of Inclusion International.

I want to express our concern about political education for people with intellectual disabilities, because we see that if we do not have information we are left out from the country’s decisions.

The main documents of the political parties, action programs, bylaws and party platforms are not accessible to us. This means that we need them in an easy-to-read format with pictograms.

That is why we must have access to information, so that people with intellectual disabilities are able to participate in electoral processes and even be part of a political party.

It is urgent to create spaces for people with intellectual disabilities. To receive political education we need to get information about political issues through:

  • mass media
  • accessible documents
  • information in schools and civil society organizations
  • training drills
  • consulting people with intellectual disabilities
  • fair and equal treatment.

We need to know how we can run for public office, for example:

  • president,
  • congressman,
  • congresswoman,
  • mayor or others.

If we all have access to the information we not only will feel included, but we will also be able to participate in our country’s decisions, because we all deserve being heard to have an inclusive Mexico.

Nothing About Us Without Us.

Thank you for your time.

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