Rise to the Global Challenge! Help us implement our strategic plan to make human rights a global priority

Human Rights Watch has embarked on a bold Global Challenge campaign in order to protect more people, in more places around the world. Projecting our information in key regional centers – in Delhi, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Beirut, São Paolo, and Cairo – is our crucial next step in advancing fundamental rights for people everywhere. At the same time, deepening our research in areas where we are too thinly staffed will enable us to expose more abusers than ever before and hold them to account.

To meet this goal Human Rights Watch needs to expand our team of activists by nearly one-third. Based in the countries they cover, our staff will build vital bridges with local officials, policy-makers, and the media. To bring this vision to fruition, Human Rights Watch will need to grow our annual budget from today’s $50 million to $80 million.

The Challenge

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Inspired by our vision and our strategy, George Soros has invested $10 million a year for 10 years. With this gift, Soros is challenging our community of supporters and other global philanthropists to provide the remaining $20 million per year to fully implement our strategic plan.

The Ideals of Human Rights

Respect for human rights underlies many other social priorities, including global security, economic development, environmental protection, and public health.

"The world order is shifting and Human Rights Watch must have the resources to engage those emerging powers best placed to put human rights on the global agenda."
Jim Hoge, Board Chair, Human Rights Watch
"I believe investing in human rights is critical to making the world a better place because improving human rights does more than just restore people’s dignity: it also fosters long-term development and economic progress. Human rights are the most efficient aid multipliers that exist today."
Hassan Elmasry, Board Member, Human Rights Watch