Phasing out the use of coal is an important step in tackling the climate crisis; a woman in Gaza fights a travel ban imposed by her father; Myanmar’s army sets towns ablaze;  Thai police beat activists; support migrants by enacting alternatives to detention in immigration.

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Coal is a major contributor to air pollution. While the drive to stop the use of coal has been gaining momentum, coal is still a main source of energy for many countries and industries.  At COP26, world leaders should commit to protecting the environment by stopping the use of coal.

A woman in Gaza is fighting a travel ban imposed on her by her father. 19-year-old Afaf Al-Najar received a scholarship to study media and communication at a university in Turkey, but her father applied to the court for a ban that restricts her from crossing the border.

Thousands of African asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants are camping in poor conditions in front of a UN facility in Libya need of shelter, food, and medical treatment.

Myanmar’s army could be burning down towns in Chin state, destroying homes, and displacing people.

After dispersing a crowd protesting in front of a police station in Bangkok, Thai police allegedly beat and tortured two pro-democracy activists.

And finally, instead of penalizing people who may have fled violence and other injustices, governments should protect their rights and provide them with critical services, such as legal assistance, mental health support, and housing.