More than 1 million people in Hong Kong protest a new extradition law with China; scores arrested in Kazakhstan election protests; UK government fails to properly champion human rights; Nigeria's election violence has still not been addressed; Syria tightens noose in messy aftermath of war; UN rights experts demand investigation into Philippines killings; another spurious detention of a journalist in Russia; and an inspiring tale of raising intersex children... 

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More than 1 million people are thought to have taken part in a huge march in Hong Kong over the weekend to protest a proposed new law which would make it easier for critics of Beijing to be extradited to mainland China. 

Meanwhile widespread protests in Kazakhstan have also been taking place to voice concerns over the country's presidential elections, which are set to usher in a hand-picked successor to Kazakhstan’s outgoing strongman, Nursultan Nazarbaev. Scores of people have been arrested, including foreign journalists. 

The UK paints itself as a global champion on human rights, but unfortunately this year's Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s annual rights report fails to demonstrate this commitment. 

The Nigeria elections earlier this year that brought President Muhammadu Buhari back into office for a second term were marred by political violence which still remains unaddressed several months into his presidency. 

Syrians fear their government is taking advantage of the messy aftermath of war to tighten its grip on towns and cities. New research shows government forces are targeting neighbourhoods and communities that rose up against President al-Assad for demolition, under the guise of 'military clearance operations'. 

UN human rights experts have demanded the UN investigate the "staggering number" of unlawful deaths and police killings in the Philippines' so-called war on drugs. 

Pressing trumped up drug charges against inconvenient voices is nothing new in today’s Russia. But the arrest of Ivan Golunov marks the first time it’s been done to a journalist from a high-profile media outlet. 

And finally, if you've ever wondered how to raise an intersex child in a loving and open way, this story is certain to inspire and educate. 

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