Santa Barbara Committee

Human Rights Watch established a presence in Southern California more than a decade ago, convinced that the unique population, influence and resources of the region could be mobilized to defend human rights around the world. In Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, a vibrant community of supporters are engaged in raising awareness of human rights abuses, building financial support for Human Rights Watch, and strengthening HRW's local research and advocacy. The California Committee was co-founded in Los Angeles by Jane Olson and Stanley Sheinbaum in 1989, and expanded to Santa Barbara in 2005. Committee members make a financial commitment to Human Rights Watch and participate regularly in outreach events and advocacy campaigns. Santa Barbara Committee Executive Committee Cheryl D. Justice, Co-Chair
Victoria Riskin, Co-Chair
Honorable Susan Rose, Co-Chair
Adrienne O'Donnell, Vice Chair
Benjamin J. Cohen Donna-Christine McGuire Rita Moya Jane Olson David W. Rintels Karen Sinsheimer Committee Bruce Anticouni Judy Anticouni Richard Appelbaum Marc Appleton Roman Baratiak Robert Bason Gary Becker Mary Becker Lalla Brutoco Rinaldo Brutoco Laura Burton Capps Phyllis de Picciotto Leslie Dennis Judy Egenolf Rob Egenolf Alyce Faye Eichelberger-Cleese Nancy Englander Larry Feinberg Bill Felstiner Christine Fletcher William Fletcher Carole Fox Ron Fox John Gabbert Martha Gabbert Diane Giles Mike Giles Brad Ginder Kathie Gordon Mike Gordon Ken Grand Annette Grant Geoffrey Grant Judith L. Hopkinson Ann Hutchins Madeleine Jacobson Peter Jacobson Luci Janssen Richard Janssen Barry Kemp Margaret Kemp Elaine Kendall Herbert Kendall Joanna Kerns Nancy Walker Koppelman Dorothy Largay Kathleen Lavidge Dr. Mark Leffert Dr. Nancy Leffert Nancy Lessner Robert Lieff Myrna Lord Leatrice Luria Alecia Mayrock Elliot Mayrock Sara Miller McCune Michael McGuire Sherry Melchiorre, Ph.D. Laurence Miller Shirley Miller Steve Moya Lynn Pearl Melvin Pearl Rebecca Riskin Stan Roden Regina Roney Rick Roney Lynn Shafer Starr Siegele Connie J. Smith John Steed Suzanne Steed Bill Wagner Sue Wagner Bill Wayne Judi Weisbart