The Health Crisis in Pakistan’s Prisons

The 55-page report, “A Nightmare for Everyone: The Health Care Crisis in Pakistan’s Prisons,” documents widespread deficiencies in prison health care in Pakistan and the consequences for a total prison population of more than 88,000 people. Pakistan has one of the world’s most overcrowded prison systems, with cells designed for a maximum of 3 people holding up to 15. Severe overcrowding has compounded existing health care deficiencies, leaving inmates vulnerable to communicable diseases and unable to get medicines and treatment for even basic health needs, as well as emergencies.

people exit the main entrance of the Karachi Central Prison


  • This 33-page report by Americas Watch and the National Coalition for Haitian Refugees finds that, far from encouraging political pluralism, the Haitian goverment is stiffling opposotion political parties; shutting down the independent press; attempting to silence the Church; and terrorizing members of the inteligentsia who
  • A Report on Human Rights in Haiti in 1984

    This 25 page report by the National Coalition for Haitian Refugees, Americas Watch, and the Lawyers Committee for International Human Rights examines human rights conditions in 1984, a year when respect for human rights continued to be poor, and in some respects deteriorated significantly.
  • The Haitian Reality

    The Committee to Protect Journalists and the the Americas Watch mission to Haiti from August 12-15,1984 to investigate a recent crackdown on the press.
  • A Report on Human Rights in Haiti Based on a Mission of Inquiry

    This 17- page report by the Americas Watch and the Lawyers Committee for International Human Rights finds that the circumstances in which the February 12, 1984 elections were held in Haiti involved, in the words of US Secretary of State George Shultz, a denial of "all the preliminary aspects that make an election really
  • This 24 page report by the Lawyers Committee for International Human Rights, Americas Watch Committee, and the International League for Human Rights examines the situation of people who support human rights in Haiti, and in particular a series of detentions in May 1983.

  • A Fund for Free Expression Report by Meron Benvenisti

    In its pre-publication review of Palestinian newspapers and magazines, Israel’s military censor blocks the publication not only of supposed national security secrets or material likely to incite violence. Rather, the censor’s primary concern, as shown through a study of banned materials, is to eradicate expression that