Education, Social Restrictions, and Justice in Taliban-Held Afghanistan

The 69-page report, “‘You Have No Right to Complain’: Education, Social Restrictions, and Justice in Taliban-Held Afghanistan” focuses on the everyday experiences of people living in Taliban-held districts and Taliban restrictions on education, access to information and media, and freedom of movement. The Taliban’s widespread rights abuses in areas it controls raise concerns about their willingness and ability to keep commitments on rights in any future peace agreement


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  • The Turks of Greece

    The policy of the Greek government with regard to the Turkish minority seems to be, as described by the Minority Rights Group, a "deliberate policy of discrimination with a long-term aim of assimilation." The findings of the Helsinki Watch mission certainly confirm this analysis.
  • The rule of law is only fitfully respected in Indonesia, the world's fifth largest country. This fact is vital to understanding the conditions of Indonesian prisons.
  • Policies that Contribute to the Killings (A Middle East Watch Report)

    This report examines three aspects of Israeli policy that have contributed to the frequency of unlawful killlings of Palestinians during the intifada.

  • A comprehensive investigation of brutal human rights violations told in chillingly dispassionate style, Human Rights in Iraq describes how the Ba’ath regime subjects Iraqi citizens to forced relocation and deportation, arbitrary arrest and detention, torture, “disappearance,” and summary political execution.
  • The Ghanaian government, the Provisional National Defence Council(PNDC), has attempted to crack down on churches and other religious organizations through the imposition of a controversial new law.
  • Testimony of Abuses in Nimba County

    A small group of rebel insurgents attacked the Liberian border town of Butuo in late December 1989, killing an undetermined number of soldiers and immigration officials. The government of Liberia responded to the attack with a show of force, sending two battalions to Nimba County, where Butuo is located.
  • As Cuba approaches the 36th anniversary of its revolution, it is engaged in an extended crackdown on independent peaceful activity and its human rights practices continue to be subject to the whim of the executive.
  • A Supplement to the Asia Watch Report on Legal Process and Human Rights

    In this report, Asia Watch calls upon the South Korean government to strengthen its commitment to human rights.

  • Violations of the Laws of War in Afghanistan

    Afghanistan has been the scene of some of the most serious human rights violations on record. About one half of the country's prewar population is either in emigration, or internally displaced, or dead.
  • This 33-page report by Americas Watch and the National Coalition for Haitian Refugees finds that, far from encouraging political pluralism, the Haitian goverment is stiffling opposotion political parties; shutting down the independent press; attempting to silence the Church; and terrorizing members of the inteligentsia who