Violence in Nzérékoré During Guinea’s Constitutional Referendum and Legislative Elections

The 43-page report, "‘They Let People Kill Each Other’: Violence in Nzérékoré during Guinea’s Constitutional Referendum,” documents the violence which killed at least 32 people and injured more than 90 as clashes between pro-government and opposition supporters ignited longstanding intercommunal and ethnic tensions across Nzérékoré during the elections. Security forces deployed to provide security for the polls did not do enough to prevent the killings or widespread destruction of property, and allegedly killed two people and beat and arbitrarily arrested dozens of men, Human Rights Watch found.


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  • Aceh, the "special region" of Indonesia on the northern tip of Sumatra, continues to be the target of an intensive counterinsurgency campaign waged by the Indonesian army against guerrillas of the Aceh Merdeka or Free Aceh movement.
  • Administration's `Alien Terrorist Removal' Plan Puts U. S. in Company of Repressive Regimes

    The Bush Administration has proposed legislation in Congress that would authorize secret proceedings for the deportation of foreign nationals accused of terrorism. If enacted, this proposal would depart from two centuries of history and law in the U.S.

  • Civilian Casualties During the Air Campaign and Violations of the Laws of War

    This report applies the rules of war governing international armed conflicts to examine civilian casualties and damage to civilian objects from bomb and missile attacks carried out by the allied forces against Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, and from missile attacks by Iraq against Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qata
  • Despite the political changes that have occurred in Bulgaria since Todor Zhivkov's resignation in November 1989, Gypsies continue to be the targets of discrimination, as they have been throughout the country's history. The disparate treatment they receive is reflected in housing, education and the work place.
  • Since the partition of India in 1947, Kashmir, with a predominantly Muslim population, has been the site of militant unrest and a cause for war with Pakistan.
  • Killings, Detentions, Forcible Conscription and Obstruction of Relief

    Ethiopia is in the midst of a massive political upheaval. Government forces have been defeated in recent rebel offensives, endangering the survival of the government of President Mengistu Haile Mariam.
  • On April 8, 1991, Arswendo Atmowiloto, a young newspaper editor in Jakarta was sentenced to five years in prison.
  • Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

    The ouster of General Manuel Noriega in December 1989 and the installation of the democratically-elected coalition government of President Guillermo Endara brought high hopes in Panama that a long period of disrespect for law and the civil rights of the Panamanian people had come to an end.
  • Despite the checks and balances inherent in India’s democratic structure designed to curb government lawlessness, the institutional basis for the prison system has become grossly unfair.
  • In describing the conditions experienced by all major categories of inmates including criminal and security offenders, Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel, and Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Middle East Watch investigates issues of overcrowding, food, hygiene, outdoor time, visiting rights, and treatment by
  • In advance of Albania’s first contested elections under Communist rule on March 31, we took part in a fact-finding mission from March 7 to March 12 as part of the first team of independent human rights investigators to have officially visited the country.
  • An Update

    For more than a decade, Argentina has commanded the attention of the international community for two widely divergent reasons: atrocious human rights violations, and subsequent efforts to punish those responsible.