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The report of the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia highlights the severity of the human rights crisis in Ethiopia and leaves no doubt of the need for ongoing robust international scrutiny.

Despite facing a challenging and hostile operating environment, including restrictions on access and the government’s communication shutdown in Tigray, the Commission concluded that all parties to the conflict have committed war crimes, and that Ethiopian federal forces and allied regional state governments have committed crimes against humanity.

The incidents investigated fall into broader patterns that we and other rights groups have documented throughout the nearly two-year conflict.

Importantly, the report delves into the government’s denial and obstruction of humanitarian assistance, finding that these acts are war crimes and crimes against humanity of persecution.

Accountability steps taken so far by the government have fallen short of international standards of transparency, independent oversight, and due process.

The events of recent weeks alone highlight the real risk of ongoing atrocities.

The work of the Commission as a form of deterrent remains vital. Given the scale and scope of the atrocities, we urge the Council to support the renewal of the Commission’s mandate, and ensure it has sufficient resources to fulfill its critical work.

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