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Best of Dispatches: Top News Posts This Week

Migrants in desperate need of help are putting a damper on holidays in Greece; Ireland votes big for same-sex marriage; and Qatar doesn't want reporting on its abuses heading into the World Cup - these were among the most popular posts to Dispatches, our daily forum for breaking human rights news and commentary. You can find all our Dispatches here.

Dispatches: The Ugly Truth Behind British Tourists' Ruined Holidays in Greece

Eve Cossé
First thing this morning, I read an article in the Daily Mail about British tourists on the Greek island Kos who complained about asylum seekers ruining their holidays and turning the island into a “disgusting hellhole.”...Let me tell you something about hellholes...

Dispatches: Pride in the Name of Love

Aisling Reidy
Pride, joy, love and intense relief flowed around an Irish bar in New York City today as the official result came in on Ireland’s referendum on whether to guarantee in the constitution that everyone has the right to marry: “Yes to Marriage Equality” won by a landslide...

Dispatches: Qatar Quashing Reporting on World Cup

Minky Worden
Last week German sports journalist Florian Bauer sent out a chilling tweet: “Now it's public. We got arrested in#Qatar, interrogated by the police & the intelligence service. Not allowed to leave the country for days.”...

Dispatches: Yet Again, Afghanistan Relies on Abusive Strongmen

Patricia Gossman 
It’s déjà vu all over again in the Afghan government’s fight against the Taliban in Kunduz province as the government seeks to prop up overstretched Afghan National Security Forces with – you guessed it – abusive strongmen and their unofficial militias...

Dispatches: Avoiding Lead Poisoning in Nigeria

Katharina Rall 
Outgoing Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday asked the people of Nigeria to forgive whatever mistakes he might have made during his tenure. For some of the Nigerian children who died or are suffering from lead poisoning, this apology comes too late...


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