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Best of Dispatches: Top News Posts This Week

A bill proposed in the US Senate this month could help millions of US workers get necessary leave; a pastor from Iowa has been deported after being classified a threat to public safety; and Sweden calls out Saudi Arabia's atrocious human rights abuses - these were among the most popular posts to Dispatches, our daily forum for breaking human rights news and commentary. You can find all our Dispatches here.

Dispatches: US May Join the Rest of the World in Offering Paid Family Leave

Janet Walsh
Millions of US workers are suffering from damaged health, drained finances, and shrinking career prospects because federal law lacks any guaranteed paid family leave...

Dispatches: US Deports Pastor as 'Greatest Risk' to Public Safety

Grace Meng
On March 3, Max Villatoro, a Mennonite pastor in Iowa, a husband, and a father to four US citizen children, was arrested as part of the US government’s “Operation Cross Check.”...

Dispatches: Sweden Challenges Saudi Rights Abuses

Adam Coogle
The least surprising aspect of the recent diplomatic dust-up between Sweden and Saudi Arabia is the Kingdom’s typically thin-skinned response to anyone calling them out over their atrocious human rights record. What is surprising is Sweden’s resolve not to roll over, as so many other countries have done...

Dispatches: Tied to a Bed in Croatia

Emina Ćerimović
Imagine being taken against your will to a hospital by a family member and – without warning or explanation – tied to the bed and left overnight without even being able to use the toilet...

Dispatches: In Russia, Don't Tell the Living About the Dead

Tanya Cooper
Prompted by a seemingly endless string of stories about suicides by people suffering from cancer pain, the Russian government has finally been pressured into acting - by barring the media from reporting on the issue...


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