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Montana: Prison Resources

State Ombudsman
Kelly Moorse
State LTC Ombudsman
MT Dept. of Health & Human Services
P.O. Box 4210
111 North Sanders
Helena, MT 59604-4210
Phone: (406) 444-7785
Fax: (406)444-7743

  • The mission of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services is to improve and protect the health, well-being, and self-reliance of all Montanans.

Treatment Centers for People who are Developing or Have a Sexual Interest in Children

Northwest Counseling Associates
Robert G. Bakko, L.P.C., C.C.M.H.C. 
Phone: (406) 259-6161

  • Evaluation and treatment of: adolescents/teenagers and adults

South Central Treatment Associates
Michael D. Sullivan, L.C.S.W.
Phone: (406) 245-4566

  • Evaluation and treatment of: children, adolescents/teenagers, and adults

Michael J. Scolatti, Ph.D.
Phone: (406) 549-4870

  • Assessment only of: children, adolescents/teenagers, and adults

Northwest Family Recovery
Andy Hudak, L.C.P.C. 
Phone: (406) 862-1112

  • Evaluation and treatment of: children, adolescents/teenagers, and adults

ACLU of Montana
P.O. Box 1317
Helena, MT 59624
Phone: (406) 443- 8590

  • Our mission is to defend, preserve, and advance civil liberties.
  • Our vision for the future embraces the equal enjoyment of civil liberties and civil rights for all Montanans.

Montana State Bar

P.O. Box 577
Helena, MT 59624
Phone: (406) 442-7660

Legal Voice
907 Pine Street, Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 682-9225

  • Legal Voice, formerly the Northwest Women's Law Center, has been the vanguard organization bringing groundbreaking litigation and fighting for landmark legislation to ensure justice for women in the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years. The Legal Voice Litigation Program brings cases that change law throughout several states in the Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho. Legal Voice receives a large number of requests for assistance and is able to provide legal representation or advocacy only for a limited number of clients whose cases have the potential for broader impact. Survivors of sexual abuse behind bars can contact Legal Voice confidentially by phone or by mail by sending a letter marked "legal mail" to the address above.

Shahid Haque-Hausrath, Esq.
312 North Ewing Street, 2nd Floor
Helena, Montana 59601
Phone: (406) 594-2004
Fax: (888) 594-2179
Toll-Free: (888) 595-2004

P.O. Box 3093
2442 First Avenue North
Billings, Montana 59101
Phone: (406) 248-4870 / 7113 
Toll free: (800) 999-4941

  • Provides service within the state of Montana. Only provides referral service and guidance to eligible clients who call.
  • Cannot help those who are incarcerated.

Montana RSOL - Reform Sex Offender Laws Now
Contact: Shelley Ledbetter

Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative
Phone: (406) 444-4390.
Contact: Karen Duncan

  • The Montana Department of Corrections/Juvenile Corrections Division will increase community services for juvenile and young adult offenders coming from institutional mental health programs. The program will rely on aftercare coordinators to ensure that juvenile and young adult offenders make a smooth transition to the community. While the youth is still incarcerated, quarterly meetings that involve the offender's family in the reentry process will allow families to see the facility, understand the programs in which the offender is involved, and make a commitment to the offender's return to the community. The coordinators will focus on specific issues that have been problematic for some returning offenders, especially those on medication. The aftercare coordinator will also provide referrals to appropriate professionals and local decisionmakers for adequate provision and supervision of medications. The target population for this program will include youth (both male and female) committed to the Department of Corrections for offenses (homicide, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, felony theft, and arson) that would be felonies if the offender were an adult.

Montana Department of Labor and Industry
P.O. Box 1728
Helena, MT
Phone: (406) 444-2840

Federal Bonding Program
Job Service Division 
Montana Department of Labor and Industry 
P.O. Box 1728 
Helena, MT 59624 
Phone: (406) 444-3480 
Fax: (406) 444-3037 

  • The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bonding insurance coverage to individuals with criminal histories and other high-risk job applicants who are qualified, but fail to get jobs because regular commercial bonding is denied due to their backgrounds.

Criminal Record Repository
Criminal Justice Information Services Bureau 
Information Technology Services Division 
Montana Department of Justice 
303 North Roberts, Room 374 
P.O. Box 201406 
Helena, MT 59620 
Phone: (406) 444-3625 

  • This is the agency individuals may contact to obtain a copy of their state rap sheet and learn about the process of sealing, expunging or cleaning it up. The criminal record repository can also tell the individual who else is legally entitled to have access to his or her record.

State Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General 
Montana Attorney General 
Justice Building 
214 North Sanders 
P.O. Box 201401 
Helena, MT 59620 
Phone: (406) 444-2026 
Fax: (406) 444-3549 

  • Employers and service providers may obtain information from the state attorney general regarding occupational bars, the licensing of individuals with criminal records in certain jobs, and whether the state has laws that limit what employers may ask job applicants or protections against employment discrimination based on a criminal record.

Prison Industry Program
Montana Correctional Enterprises 
Montana Department of Corrections 
300 Conley Road 
Deer Lodge, MT 59722 
Phone: (406) 846-1320 ext 2324 
Fax: (406) 846-2957 

  • Montana Correctional Enterprises (MCE) provides work and training, through vocational education classes, for more than 325 eligible inmates. MCE operates four programs, including employment in ranch industries, dairy industries, canning industries and the production of license plates, signs, furniture and upholstery manufacturing, as well as telemarketing, printing, and laundry services.

Work Release Program/Pre-Release Program
Adult Community Corrections 
Montana Department of Corrections 
1539 11th Avenue 
P.O. Box 201301 
Helena, MT 59620 
Phone: (406) 444-4913 

  • The Adult Pre-release Unit is under the supervision of Adult Community Corrections which is one division of the Montana Department of Corrections. The unit contracts with five non-profit pre-release centers for housing, treatment and supervision of both male and female inmates. Inmates are expected to work in the community after their transfer to this unit. The Montana Department of Corrections has the authority to assign any inmate to community supervision, including placement in a pre-release center, after an administrative review by the department.

Division of Adult Community Corrections
Division of Adult Community Corrections 
Montana Department of Corrections 
1539 11th Avenue 
Helena, MT 59620 
Phone: (406) 444-9529 

  • The Probation and Parole Bureau is under the auspices of Adult Community Corrections, a division of the Montana Department of Corrections. The Bureau supervises more than 6,200 adult probationers and parolees. Adult Community Corrections also administers the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP), a specialized form of adult probation and parole lasting nine to 18 months. ISP uses a heightened level of supervision, monitoring devices and close scheduling. ISP offenders live at home, hold or seek jobs, and are under greater supervision than other probationers and parolees.

State Public Defender
Montana Appellate Defender Office 
34 North Last Chance Gulch 
P.O. Box 200145 
Helena, MT 59620 
Phone: (406) 444-4122 

Montana Job Service Centers

  • Montana Job Source is a statewide electronic job application system and an employer job posting system. Montana Career Information System software (MCIS) is the state-based system of career information delivery. Local offices offer the following services: career assessment; counseling; educational opportunity center; Internet access; job application process; job referral; job registry; job search assistance workshops; job training; resource center; skill testing; unemployment insurance; and veteran's resources. A list of Job Service Centers is available at the following web site:

Montana Legal Services Association
616 Helena Avenue, Suite 100
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: (800) 666-6124

Montana Legal Services Association Billings Office 
2442 1st Avenue North 
Billings,MT 59101-2317 
Phone: (406) 248-7113 
Fax: (406) 252-6055 
Intake Phone: (800) 999-4941 
Counties Served: Statewide 
Case Types: Adoption, Bankruptcy, Consumer, Child Custody, Dissolution of Marriage, Domestic Violence, Housing, Immigration, Individual Rights, Public Benefits, Termination of Parental Rights 

Free or Low Cost Legal Services Directory for Montana

Unfair Appearance in Sex Offender Databases Montana


  • If you are listed on a sex offender database because of an act that is now legal, here's how to get your name off. This article also covers how public access to sex offender databases works and why this information is open to the public.
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