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The Joint Committee on Human Rights of the U.K. Parliament last month released a report criticizing the U.K.’s compliance with the U.N. Convention Against Torture, particularly its use of diplomatic assurances. Human Rights Watch played a significant role in informing the Committee about the U.K.’s proposal to send alleged terror suspects to countries where they are at risk of torture with only diplomatic assurances that such persons will not be mistreated.

Our groundbreaking research on the issue reveals that diplomatic assurances are routinely and easily violated, and that detainees sent to countries following such assurances in fact have been tortured. Human Rights Watch’s research was frequently cited in the Committee’s recent report, which concurred that the British government’s proposed reliance on diplomatic assurances poses a “substantial risk of individuals actually being tortured.” The Committee’s conclusions are sure to have an impact on U.K. court challenges and around the world.

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