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Human Rights Watch strives to maintain the highest level of accuracy in our reporting. We cannot reply individually to all corrections requests, but all such requests that specify the exact nature of the alleged inaccuracy and the publication (title, page number / web address and date) in which it appeared will be reviewed. If you believe you have found an inaccuracy in our materials, please contact us.

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Recent Corrections

  • The April 7, 2011 press release quoted language from a final draft of the Action Plan circulated by the White House on April 6.  The public version of the plan published on April 7 did not include this language. The press release was updated by removing the quotes from around the phrases, "improve the handling of crimes against union members" and "accelerate action on outstanding labor violence cases." 

  • The March 31 news release stated that Maher al-Gerief and two friends, Walid al-Thaib and Khalid al-Mansuri went missing while driving "with weapons" to the front line in Brega. Human Rights Watch has since confirmed that they were travelling without weapons.

  • The February 13 version of this news release used the term “taser.” That was meant as a generic term for stun gun and did not intend to suggest that Taser-brand products were being used. (February 14, 2011)

  • The December 2010 report "We are a Buried Generation" incorrectly names and identifies the Iranian Queer Railroad as the Canada-based rights group that provided Human Rights Watch with information regarding a home raid in the city of Shiraz on July 10, 2010 (p. 50). In fact, it was the Iranian Queer Organization (IRQO), another Canada-based rights group working on LGBT issues that was responsible for providing this information. In addition, footnote 235 incorrectly refers to IRQR as the Iranian Queer Railroad. The correct name of the organization is the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees. The report incorrectly names the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Council (IGLHRC) in the acknowledgment section of the report. The correct name of the organization is the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. (December 22, 2010)

  • In an October 8, 2010 news release, Human Rights Watch stated that Mushabbab bin Ali al-Ahmari, who was executed by Saudi Arabia on January 15, 2009, was a juvenile offender. The two English language press accounts on which we relied, however, appear to have mistranslated a Saudi government statement. The Saudi statement said that the government had waited until the heirs of the individual killed by Mushabbab had turned 18, not for Mushabbab himself to turn 18. Our press release has been revised to remove the reference to this case, and to reflect that Saudi Arabia is therefore known to have executed at least two juvenile offenders in 2009. (November 2, 2010)

  • In a September 24, 2010 news release, Human Rights Watch noted that the Rainsy Party was launched in 1998, whereas it was actually launched in 1995. The launch date of the Party has been corrected in the news release. (September 24, 2010)

  • The July 21, 2010 news release, “Rwanda: Allow Independent Autopsy of Opposition Politician,” incorrectly stated that Andre Kagwa Rwisereka had left some money with a relative on the evening of July 14. The correct date is July 12, 2010.

  • The July 8, 2010 news release, “Cambodia: Halt US Aid to Abusive Military Units,” incorrectly described Cambodia’s ACO Tank Command Headquarters in Kompong Speu province as “the host” of US-funded multi-national peacekeeping exercises conducted in Cambodia during July 2010. In fact, the Cambodian National Center for Peacekeeping Operations, Mine, and Explosive Remnants of War hosted the peacekeeping exercise, in partnership with and funding by the US government. After the US signed off in 2009 on the proposed location for the field training portion of the peacekeeping exercises at a military training base in Kompong Speu known as the ACO Tank Command Headquarters, the site was subsequently signed over to the National Center, with an official opening ceremony on May 3, 2010, according to the website of the US Embassy in Cambodia and other sources. The news release has been corrected accordingly.

  • The May 2010 report, "We'll Tie You Up and Shoot You," was revised to correct the location of Kinama commune. Kinama is in Bujumbura. A number of spelling errors in French terms were also corrected.

  • The April 2010 report, “Turning a Blind Eye,” incorrectly stated the release date of the report of UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict as September 25, 2009. The correct date is September 15, 2010.